Do These Rhd Jeeps Provoke Chances Of New Crashes?


There are chit chats in many parts of Canada that the imported RHD vehicles are the cause for the increasing accidents and crashes in the country. The government has also made a new law that vehicles that are 15 years old or more must not be imported. Many people still have the doubt whether there is any design flaw in right hand drive jeeps that make them the root cause for accidents mainly while turning and while passing other vehicles. The answer to this question is a strict no. There is no fault in the design of these RHD vehicles. These accidents happen because of the fact that they are new to the field and people are not used to it before. Also the confusion between the LHD vehicle signals and RHD vehicle signals also cause crashes. Here is a quick brief on how one could avoid accidents with their RHD vehicles.

Nothing comes for free and only practice can make anything perfect. So if you are an owner of a RHD jeep, try to know all the rules and regulations related to your jeep. Try to look at the traffic signals and sign with respect to your steering position. Get used to the rear mirror and do not drive in highly crowded places until you have mastered the gearing and the steering control. Turing is the main difference between a Left hand drive vehicle and right hand drive vehicle. So learn how to turn by riding your vehicle in places that involve turns. Also make sure you have all the safety bags ready in your new RHD jeep. These may ensure you no harm even in case of any accident. Also try to avoid driving both LHD and RHD vehicles as it may lead to confusion and may cause accidents.


Source by Thomas P