The Benefits of Driving while Using Hands Free Cell Phone Devices


When you think about proper car safety, you automatically think of seat belts, following the speed limit, or using your blinkers. How come we don’t think about turning our cell phones off or using a hands free device? Texting and driving is becoming just as dangerous as drinking and driving.  Our cell phones are quickly becoming one of the top causes of automobile accidents!

Would you prefer to spend a little extra for a hands free device or would you prefer to speak with a Colorado car accident attorney?  Drivers talking on their phones are a danger not only to themselves but also others. The federal and state governments are doing what they can in trying to minimize the danger by banning driving and cell phone use but it all starts with you.  

Hands free cell phone devices are becoming just as important as seat-belts and airbags are.  They are all safety equipment mandatory to wear. There is absolutely nothing funny about operating a 2,000 pound vehicle. Instead, driving is an action we should all take very seriously. Every day someone is killed because a driver was using a cell phone and became distracted from the task of driving. Our vehicles can be dangerous weapons if we let them be, and a driver needs to concentrate on the road every single second.

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot wear a hands-free wireless phone device while you are driving. There are a variety of different styles available. You can choose an installed mounted device for your phone or even a speaker phone accessory if you feel more comfortable. Bluetooth car kits, for example, provide a safe and convenient solution to keeping your eyes on the road while talking on your phone. The potential for distraction is greatly minimized with these cellular phone designs.

While hands free cell phone devices allow you to keep both hands on the wheel as you are driving, there are still potential dangers. It is important to prepare your phone and all its accessories before starting out on your road trip. Trying to find all the components, putting on a headset, or even adjusting the settings on the phone while driving increases the potential danger.

In the end, it is worth the hassle when compared to potentially hurting yourself or another. The last thing you want is a lawsuit from a Colorado car accident lawyer because you didn’t take the time to turn on your hands free cell phone device.


Source by Jonathan Blocker